About Sine FM

Sine FM is Doncaster's local community radio station and is the home of the Dark Side Of Metal show as well as a whole host of other radio shows covering a broad range of subjects from chat and community focused shows to music shows covering a vast range of styles, all of which represents the diversity of the Doncaster community. It launched in January 2007 with the aim to "provide a platform for creative expression and a distinctive, accessible community radio service, celebrating the diversity of Doncaster". Sine FM was awarded an FM Broadcasting License in December 2007 and ran several trial broadcast, a full FM service was launched in September 2009 on 102.6 FM across Doncaster alongside Sine FM's internet radio station and online service.

Sine FM is an initiative of Higher Rhythm Ltd operating as a not for profit social enterprise. The other elements of the company include a pro level recording studio - Higher Rhythm, a record label - Circuit Records,  a music industry events and development portal - The Music Week, and there's a strong focus on offering a wide range of training and development opportunities for local people.

Being a non-profit community radio station is the key factor which allows Sine FM to incorporate such a diverse collection of shows, including my own, shows which offer something very different to standard, more commercial oriented radio. Thanks to Sine FM presenters like myself are able to bring you incredible radio content where originality, uniqueness and innovation are actively encouraged, and it's thanks to Sine FM that we are able to play music on the radio that you simply will not hear anywhere else.

Radio is admittedly a medium frequently overlooked by metal artists and fans, due to the underground nature of the genre and the fact that metal music isn't going to rake in the cash for commercial stations. Fans don't expect to hear good metal on the radio, bands don't expect to be played on the radio but as part of what we do as presenters on Sine FM we hope to play some role in changing that perception and proving that radio is vital even in the depths of the metal underground.

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